General Questions

What are Seattle Seahawks CSLs (Charter Seat Licenses)?
If you purchase CSLs from a current season ticket holder, you become the new season ticket holder for those exact seats for all future seasons. The Ticket Office will invoice you for the season tickets each year for as long as you continue to purchase the season tickets. The previous season ticket holder will no longer have any rights to those seats. The listing price is ONLY for the CSLs and does not include the cost of any tickets. Read more about CSLs
Who sets the prices for the listings?
The price of each listing is set by the seller at whatever amount the seller chooses. A buyer can submit an offer at whatever amount the buyer is willing to pay for the listing. If the seller accepts the buyer's offer, then we will proceed with the transfer based on the agreed price. If the seller does not accept the offer, then the seller can submit a counter offer to the buyer. The counter offer helps the buyer determine their next offer amount.
How long does it normally take to complete a CSL transfer?
It normally takes about 2 weeks to complete a CSL transfer. This time may vary depending on how quickly we receive payment from the buyer and how quickly the buyer and seller return the transfer paperwork.
Why does each offer expire after 48 hours?
The seller has 48 hours to respond to each offer in order to ensure that buyers receive a quick response to their offer. If a seller allows multiple offers to expire, then the listing will be removed from the website.
What time zone is used to determine the expiration time for an offer?
Pacific Time Zone

Private Transfer Questions

How do I transfer my CSLs to someone else?
Transferring ownership of your CSLs is done through the Seattle Seahawks CSL Marketplace. The Marketplace provides a quick and convenient online transfer process called Private Transfers. Simply click on Private Transfers in the main tool bar and choose which type of transfer fits your needs. The transfer must be initiated by the Current Owner.  Per Seahawks policy, CSLs may not be transferred to a ticket reseller/broker.  
Should I transfer my CSLs through a Private Transfer?
A Private Transfer is a transfer of ownership of CSLs to a friend, family member or someone you already know and trust. Examples of situations appropriate for Private Transfers include: transferring ownership to a friend, family member or coworker you trust; transferring ownership through a will or estate; or transferring ownership due to a divorce. The fee for a Private Transfer is $250 and is paid by the New Owner.
Should I transfer my CSLs through a Private Sale Transfer?
A Private Sale Transfer is a transfer of ownership of CSLs arising from a sale arranged privately or through a third-party service or advertisement. If a Current Owner has sold their CSLs to someone they may not know, transferring ownership through a Private Sale Transfer guarantees both parties a safe and secure transaction and eliminates all risk to either party. In a Private Sale Transfer, the Seattle Seahawks CSL Marketplace will hold the New Owner’s (Buyer’s) money in escrow until the transfer is approved by the ticket office. Once the transfer is approved by the ticket office, the Current Owner (Seller) will receive the funds. The fee for a Private Sale Transfer is 5% of the cash sale price and is paid by the New Owner (Buyer).
What is the Private Transfer process?
To read about the private transfer process, click here- How To Transfer